1. Let us take care of you.

    Meet the new standard, the availability of medical services from the TakesCare:

  2. e-Doctor

    Talk with your doctor without leaving the house

    We respect your time. Thanks to e-Doctor and online consultations you do not need to leave your house to seek for medical advice or talk medical results over with doctor. You decide when and with which specialist you want to talk. It is useful especially when you live in different city than chosen specialist or you are simply traveling.

    Make an appointments online

    Talk with the specialist by built-in application for videoconference and chat

    Attach your medical documentation

    Contact your doctor at any time

  3. Patient card

    Your Family Health History always close to you

    Thanks to Patient Card you can check results of your medical tests, history of your and your family members diseases, information about your appointments. System automatically compares health condition of every patient with medical standards. It will notify you about recommended check-ups, tests and other activities. We guarantee that all your data is safe.

    Lead a history of your doctors appointments, surgeries and stays at the hospitals

    Scan and attach medical documentation and tests results

    Compare your results with medical standards

    Guarantee of data safety

  4. myBrace

    Every bracelet is unique, created specially for the person who is going to wear it. You choose the type, color and information that will be engraved. Wear it and feel safe!

    Stylish bracelet what gives you priceless feeling of safety. In case of an accident, fainting, unexpected disease attack, information placed on the bracelet will allow quick contact with relatives and will enable to recognize the blood type and other important medical details (for example medicaments you take or allergies). myBrace is a great solution for people who care about own and family members' healt safety. .

  5. Database of doctors

    Find your specialist!

    In our base you will find contacts to doctors of all specialities from whole country. Every specialist is evaluated by TakesCare users so you can be sure that you will go to the specialist who cares about patients' needs. We are going to place addresses of pharmacies,hospitals and health centers as well.

    Look for the best doctors, heath centers and consulting rooms

    Check doctors' business cards, evaluate them and use ranking of specialists

    Find a doctor or hospital while traveling

    Make an appointment for online consultation or consultation at the health center

  6. Health calendar

    We remember for you

    Health calendar is a tool what will make you have everything under control. It will remind you about appointments, medical tests and taking medicaments. It will take care of you and people who are close to you. It is an easy way to have everything under control.

    Check your health condition regulary

    Set reminders of check-ups, medical tests and medicament

    Save all the important dates

  7. Contact us

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